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About the BB&T MoneyAccount

Managing your money with a BB&T MoneyAccount is easy:


  1. Direct Deposit.  Just print the pre-filled direct deposit form and give it to your employer to set up direct deposit.
  2. BB&T Financial Centers.  Visit any BB&T financial center to deposit funds to your MoneyAccount.  Eligible deposits include cash, BB&T checks, and government checks.
  3. Transfer from other BB&T Accounts.  It’s quick and easy to transfer funds between your MoneyAccount and your other BB&T accounts online at BBT.com. 
  4. Visa® ReadyLink.  Add funds to your account where you shop!  Funds can be added directly to your account by presenting your BB&T MoneyAccount Debit Card at any of the thousands of participating Visa ReadyLink locations.


  1. Make Purchases.  You can use your BB&T MoneyAccount Debit Card to make everyday purchases at millions of locations where Visa Debit is accepted – even online.
  2. Pay Bills.  With free BB&T OnLine® Banking with Bill Payment, it’s free and easy to pay your bills online.  You can avoid paying for envelopes or postage, and the money comes straight from your BB&T MoneyAccount!  Or, simply provide your MoneyAccount card number to billers who accept card payments.  Just be sure that your account has available funds for monthly bills.
  3. Get Cash.  It’s easy to get cash back from merchants at the point of sale – and it’s FREE!  You also can withdraw cash at any BB&T financial center or at millions of ATMs worldwide.


  1. BB&T OnLine® Banking.  Visit BBT.com and log in with your user name and password to view current balance information and transaction history.
  2. Mobile Banking.  Sign-up for mobile banking at BBT.com and monitor your account from your cell phone.  Methods include SMS Texting, a Mobile web page, and a Mobile App.  Your mobile carrier’s text messaging and web access charges may apply.
  3. Call for Support.  You can retrieve your balance and transaction history by calling 1-877-762-9931.


  1. BB&T Complete Client Protection with Visa® Zero Liability.  If your BB&T MoneyAccount Debit Card is ever lost or stolen, BB&T will reimburse you for 100% of unauthorized transactions.
  2. FDIC Insurance.  Funds loaded into your BB&T MoneyAccount are FDIC-insured up to the maximum amount allowed by law.
  3. Safer than Cash.  Unlike cash, funds on your BB&T MoneyAccount can be replaced in the case of loss or theft.